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We made it.

We made it.

Our move to NAPOLI!

I am so thrilled to start this blog and share all of my new experiences. I am certainly still figuring this all out but I hope I can inspire you to travel and take on new adventures, encourage you through the crazy military spouse life, as well as provide tips and tricks to exploring Europe (& beyond!)

Halfway through AO…phew! AO is “area orientation”. It is a week(ish) long class to help all the newcomers get enrolled and oriented to a new life overseas. It is extremely informational and quite organized, but it is nothing short of mentally exhausting. We have been in Italy for a week now and have certainly been busy so here is a quick rundown of what has taken place:

-Our flight to Italy. Our hotdog flew with us in the cabin which was a lovely idea in theory. In reality, he turned into Dogzilla and was trying to chew his way out of his soft-sided carrier. Four puppy Xanax’s later and we all survived. After touching down in the land of pizza and wine, hot dog now self identifies as “sausage dog”. More on that later.

-A lovely day trip to Sorrento (I can’t believe I get to say that?! Details in a separate post!)

-Our first solo adventure to a town in the mountains where we accidentally ended up driving on a cobble stone walkway through a parade route while the locals just sat and stared at our stupidity…blaming the GPS on that one.

-Another outing with new friends we met on the flight here involving a yummy burger joint that apparently is going to be heaven on earth when we get tired of eating Italian food.

-And lastly, I attended a newcomer’s luncheon with the PWOC-Protestant Women of the Chapel here and met a bunch of awesome ladies. I am really looking forward to becoming more involved in this ministry.

Coming up, we will be starting the hunt for a house and finishing our orientation. Let’s pray we pass the driving test tomorrow! Check out my Instagram account for regular photo updates. 


Ciao Bella xo,


Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, Italy