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All moved in

All moved in

We have been in our new house in Italy for almost two weeks now!

We decided on an area about 15-20 minutes away from downtown Naples that is close to the sea. It was a difficult decision and I was really quite impressed with almost all the properties we were shown. Our personal criteria included:

-Walking distance to food markets

-Bus or train accessible to get downtown

-Safe and secure

-Good view

-A yard for the sausage dog

-3+ bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

I’m pleased to say we have all of that. We did sacrifice a bit on not having a garage and having a small kitchen, but…WE CAN SEE CAPRI OUT OUR WINDOWS!


We definitely wanted a place that was unlike somewhere we would live in the States and I think we succeeded. Our yard is phenomenal (lemon and orange trees, gorgeous flowers, pool, gated yard) and the best part is, the landlord lives under us and takes care of all of it. He is having the pool cleaned and filled for the summer so my girlfriends and I can lounge around drinking fruity cocktails and look out at the sea from our floaties.

This is what dreams are made of.

There is a popular coffee bar and restaurant, grocery store, and produce market right outside our gated neighborhood and if I end up staying without a car, I can hop on the bus to get me where I need to go.

Let me be clear though, moving into a house in a foreign country was NOT without its challenges. Moving day arrived the morning after we flew in from Poland and we were up by 6am to head to the house. The movers came on time, surprisingly, however they quickly realized they would need a lift in order to get our furniture up to our 3rd story balcony. Even though the lift was coming from a town 30 minutes away a.k.a. the town we had just came from, it took four hours to arrive. Okay, so we wait. It's Italy time, right? The next problem that arose was that the electrical company accidentally turned on power at the wrong house so we did not have electricity as promised. We thought we had avoided a disaster when our landlord offered to turn on the power from the main house for us, but this action triggered our security alarm system to go off. FOR TWO AND A HALF HOURS. And we are talking about an ear piercing sound with a speaker built on the outside of the house so that the whole neighborhood can hear. I sat in my car with the doors closed and still wanted to plug my ears because it was so loud. I thought about burying myself under our suitcases out of embarrassment and my husband thought the whole thing was hilarious.

 This is how Italians do moving!

This is how Italians do moving!


Our remotes to turn off the alarm had malfunctioned, apparently because our elderly landlord “pushed too many buttons and broke it”. Luckily, a technician came out and reprogrammed the system and now they work. The next fun event was when the housing office delivered our major appliances (washer, dryer, stove, fridge) and decided the ones we had chosen were not going to fit up our stairs. So we were left with the European size fridge and electric dryer that we really preferred not to have and had to wait an extra day for those items.

Some other cringe-worthy challenges have been frying our TV and BluRay player by assuming they were dual voltage. They were not. New TV’s for us. And also trying to hang large items on the walls here that are made of brick and concrete/plaster. The joys of living abroad!

All-in-all it was well worth it to be out of the hotel and into our own place! We are looking forward to spending our first weekend at home together and exploring the surrounding area more. There is a vineyard about 5 minutes away that I have my eye on.

Photos of the place all set up will be coming soon!


Ciao Bella xoxo,



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