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A month in the life

A month in the life

It has been about a month since my last blog post. I’ve spent the time REALLY getting settled and developing my life here in Italy, with a few fun adventures in between. So here is a little summary of what we have been up to:


-Downtown Napoli with friends to eat pizza Margarita where it was first made

-Went sea glass and sea pottery hunting

-Explored the lake around our house

-Hung pictures and photos and décor on our walls to make it feel like home

-Bought a Smart car…never thought I’d say that

-Tested out a couple different English speaking churches in the area

-Started the long process to begin volunteering with the American Red Cross at the base hospital

-Dealt with internet and landlord issues

-Went to another cooking class with PWOC & played Bunco for the first time (and won prizes!)

-Picked up a huge carload of planters from people PCSing and then took a trip to the Italian Home Depot “Leroy Merlin” to fill them with plants and herbs so that our balcony looked alive

-POSITANO! (details to come)

-Developed wonderful friendships

-Started going to CrossFit workouts with Tim

-Planned an itinerary for our trip to Barcelona in a couple weeks

-Booked a trip to Paris and a trip to Berlin

-Found out my MOM and Tommy are coming to visit in July!!!

-Watched fireworks every single night from our balcony. Italians love their fireworks.

-Attended an International Food Festival at the NATO base nearby…mmm Souvlaki


There really are endless things to do in Napoli. We are saving some of the most popular attractions for when we have our loved ones visiting, but purposefully testing out different restaurants and areas to see where the best eats, gelatterias, and views are. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.




That’s it for now. Details on Positano and more to come soon.


Ciao Bella & Bello xoxo,





All moved in

All moved in