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Mid Saturday morning we decided to take a drive down to Positano. The Amalfi Coast has several little towns, each with their own speciality and personality. Sorrento is known for limoncello because that's where it was first made. Vietri Sul Mare is where we bought all of our delightful sea creature pottery. And Positano is a famous beach resort town with linen shops galore.


We were a little crazy to leave Pozzuoli at 11:45am during the month of May and drive down to the Amalfi Coast which is about a 2 hour drive, but that's okay we didn't have anywhere to be. The thing is, it is a beautiful place and people from all over the world know it.

The nail biting, cliff hugging roads don’t deter tourists from coming out in full force during the summer. About halfway there we hit a huge backup of traffic. Google maps saw what was up and redirected us off to the left to shave off some time. Normally, I’d fully appreciate the shortest route possible, but here in Italy when you turn off on an unknown road you can quite easily find yourself on a bumpy dirt road with only enough room for one car width to get through, although it is NOT a one way road, bounding down the side of a mountain (it has happened about 3 times in the past 3 months).

Our first warning should have been when we turned off the main road and no one else did.

I’m fairly certain everyone else was going to the Amalfi Coast that day but we were the only ones taking an…alternate route. We found ourselves snaking down the side of a steep mountain deep in the forest with cars trying to pass from the oncoming direction but scraping their cars against the side of the rock faced hill as there was not enough room to get by. This went on for at least a half an hour until we finally pulled back onto the main road and said a prayer of thanks to God that we made it and we still had both side mirrors, a major win. So my advice, if you are planning on taking a relaxing trip down to Positano, is to follow the crowd.

Once we got close to town, we saw cars lining the main road along the cliffs and wondered if we too should snag a spot here. By the way, it is worth it to pull over at the photo opp parking areas along the coast. The views are out of this world. But we were still a 5-10 minute drive away from the town center so we decided to keep driving and I’m so glad we did. It would have been an extremely long walk from there and we were able to find a great paid parking lot behind a gas station, about halfway down the hill.

We brought the traveling sausage with us and although they are very dog friendly and allow doggies into stores, we didn’t want him to accidentally knock something over so we took turns running in to shop. The main street was lined with bright linen dresses, shirts, and beach cover ups on display. Tim and I both lucked out and proudly carried our new and on sale linen outfits as we continued down the hill to find the beach and the eats. Shopping works up quite the appetite for a plate of Bolognese. We found just what we were looking for at a beachfront restaurant, although it was definitely suited for tourist prices. With full tummies and shopping bags, we ventured onto the beach to look back at the colorful buildings lining the hill above us.

Ahhh Positano. Just gorgeous.

*Make sure to use the arrows to see all the photos in the reel above*

The beach was packed! Vacationers and Italians alike were sprawled across the rocky sand in every direction sipping on frozen cocktails and taking selfies. Some side streets were so crowded that we could barely walk past. Positano was amazing and worth it all, but next time if we visit again during the high season, I’d stay a night in town at a hotel that included parking to avoid the expensive lot prices and have more time to explore after the congested drive there OR take a boat there. We ended the day sipping a pina colada (make sure to check out all the frozen cocktail trucks at the beach) as we walked off our pasta lunch and headed back to our car.

Ciao for now Positano, we will be back.

Details on my linen dresses that were on sale for 30 euro: Theodora’s on the main street heading down to the beach. They have huge bins full of “last season’s styles” when the regular prices were 100-150+ euro for each dress. All the clothing in this shop is handmade in Positano and isn’t sold online or anywhere else. They take credit card so you can stock up on all your favorite colors. Also, Antica Sartoria has super inexpensive beach cover ups in pretty beachy and floral prints. There are multiple locations in the Amalfi Coast. I got mine for 8 euros. You’re welcome.


Ciao Bella & Bello xoxo,




A month in the life

A month in the life