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Getting to and around Capri

Getting to and around Capri

A lot of people have been asking me about our day in Capri after seeing my recent photos so I decided to detail a full day of logistics about the island!

This was my first time to Capri and it will not be my last. I would say it is difficult to do EVERYTHING in one day so it would be worth it to stay a night on the island if that is within your means. If not, make a list of the top 3 things you want to do and enjoy those things…it’ll just leave you with a reason to come back!

Getting there

We drove to Molo Beverollo port and parked in a small lot right before you get to the cruise ships (coordinates 40.837015, 14.253988). The parking attendant quoted us 15 euros for the entire day (with no specified return time) and instructed us to park furthest back in the lot to not block other cars that would be exiting before us. We paid in advance because all of the attendants except one had left for the day by the time we returned. There was a moveable metal fence block at the entrance/exit of the lot and the man moved the fence for us when we were ready to exit. I would definitely park here again. It was so convenient, fair priced, and was about a 2 minute walk to the hydrofoil ticket counter.

At the ticket counter, there were multiple hydrofoil companies that seemed to have the same prices, but different leaving times. We chose the next boat leaving to Capri and got in line. The ride was about 45-50 minutes long and there were decent bathrooms on board. Tickets leaving at 11:10am were 22.50/person. When we returned at 6:10pm, tickets were 18.50/person so it seemed that peak hours were slightly more expensive than other times. 45 minutes to get to the beautiful island of Capri? I’ll take it!

Getting around

We were all starving when we set foot on the island so we took the funicolare (cable car) up to Capri town for 2 euros per person each way. You can purchase tickets for the funicolare or the bus that will take you to the same general area at a ticket counter as you turn right off of Marina Grande. The restaurant we picked was completely random. Not surprisingly, our pizzas were at least double the price of the same pizzas we would get in Naples but they were pretty tasty. Island prices! Capri town has tons of high end shops and restaurants with gorgeous views.

Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto! It is a must see on your trip to Capri. There are many tour companies that all offer two options: to the blue grotto and back for 15 euros or circle the whole island for 18 euros. We chose the whole island tour and it was definitely worth it if you have the time. The boat took us to see some of the other grottos and landmarks. The journey was about 2.5 hours. What they don’t tell you is that you have to pay again to enter the Blue Grotto if you choose. Which you should because you can’t see anything from the main boat. It will set you back another 14 euros per person. The sea conditions have to be right for you to enter because the opening is so small and I’m not sure how you can check in advance, so keep your fingers crossed! You will board a small row boat with a guide to enter the grotto and he may or may not let you swim. I think if you are there towards the end of the day, they won’t mind if you swim because you won’t be holding up all of the other people waiting to enter (of course after giving the man some extra money). If you rent your own boat and arrive after the ticket boat has closed, you may get lucky and be able to swim inside yourself, but I haven’t tried this yet and it may or may not be allowed. There are also stairs you can walk down to reach the entrance of the grotto by foot and I have seen people getting on a row boat from there. 

The Beach

There is a main public beach off to the right when you leave Marina Grande. It is all rocky, but super crisp and clear water. If you walk past the lidos, you can claim a piece of the beach for free. It seemed like a lot of locals had posted up there and tons of kids were playing in the water and jumping from the rocks. I don’t know how their little feet can run all over the rocks with no pain. Mine are not tough enough for that. It takes me about 10 minutes just to reach the water from my towel. Water shoes are in my near future! If you keep heading past the beach, there are some large rocks that you can jump from into the water. Just be careful that you are landing in the deepest part of the water.

Don’t forget to buy your return hydrofoil tickets to Napoli so you don't get stuck on the island (what a shame I know), and have an amazing adventurous day! Let me know if you have done the Blue Grotto by foot or private boat and have any tips.


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