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Where in the world is Andorra?

Where in the world is Andorra?

In our family, I have proudly taken on the role of “trip planner” since moving to Europe one year ago (What? It has already been a year?).

I am more than willing to spend hours dreaming up new destinations and carefully crafting trip itineraries. The most exciting part is choosing the next place to explore and then google image-searching for the rest of the day, right? We know we won’t be able to get 9 euro flights to Barcelona or 40 euro flights to Paris forever. We are so blessed to have this abundant time to travel and I can say we are truly using that time wisely.

For our long weekend in January, Tim decided to give trip planning a whirl and he planned the entire thing as a surprise to me. The only part I knew ahead of time was that it was a ski trip because I had never skied before and I needed to buy some gear. Practicality.

Though he ended up accidentally spoiling the surprise the night before we left, which is in true Tim fashion, the days to come were magical and we left Andorra saying it was one of our all-time favorite countries!



So, where is Andorra?

Andorra is a European microstate among the ranks of Monaco, Vatican City, and Luxembourg. It sits between Spain and France and is located in the Pyrenees mountains. It regularly tops the lists of the safest and most peaceful countries in the world with even petty crime almost nonexistent.


Andorra is the perfect place to go for relaxation, crisp mountain air, shopping (tax free!), skiing, and other outdoor activities all year round. The people are friendly and warm and everyone speaks English, which is certainly not expected but makes getting around easier. The official language spoken in Andorra is Catalan and the food is a blend of Spanish and French cuisines. Andorra is truly a magical place and the overall ease of visiting was much appreciated. With all of the unique destinations in Europe, we rarely decide we would like to visit a place more than once, but Andorra is the exception to the rule.



We stayed in the gorgeous snow-covered mountains just a few minutes’ drive from the capital city, Andorra La Vella. A short drive down the road from there was a free cable car to the Vallnord ski resort where we spent two days-I took beginner lessons while Tim skied all of the expert runs on his own. While skiers make up the majoring of Andorra’s tourism numbers, it never felt overcrowded and everyone was respectful of one another. A big win for a first timer.



Another bucket list activity Tim planned for us was dog mushing. It was amazing to hang out with the crazy pups who live and breathe for this work. As soon as they realized they were about to go for a run, they all started howling and jumping because they were so excited to start running.

 Caldea Spa

Caldea Spa

We spent our last day at Caldea, an amazing thermal spa in Andorra La Vella. More details and photos to come about this later!


Shhh, don’t tell everyone else how perfect this country is so we can keep it to ourselves...


Ciao Bellas e Bellos xoxo,


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